Subject Code                     :               ENG 114

Subject Description         :               BUSINESS COMMUNICATION

Pre-requisite                     :               Eng 111 & Eng 112

Co-requisite                       :               None

Units                                     :               3 units Lecture

No of Hours                        :               (3 hours per week) 54 hours /sem.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course covers the different types of communication used in business transaction including oral and written forms. Formal styles of communication and the use of technology in communication are also covered in the course.



·         To understand and demonstrate writing and speaking processes through invention,

organization, drafting, revision, editing, and presentation.

·         To understand the importance of specifying audience and purpose and to select appropriate

communication choices.

·         To understand and appropriately apply modes of expression, i.e., descriptive, expositive,

narrative, scientific, and self-expressive, in written, visual, and oral communication.

·         To participate effectively in groups with emphasis on listening, critical and reflective thinking,

and responding.

·         To understand and apply basic principles of critical thinking, problem solving, and technical

proficiency in the development of exposition and argument.

·         To develop the ability to research and write a documented paper and/or to give an oral




I.  Introduction to Business Communication, Communication Challenges and Before You Write,

Listening Skills

·  Nonverbal Communication

·  Writing Process for Business Messages

Communicating for Employment,

·         The persuasive resume

·         The persuasive cover letter

II.  Before You Write and Writing and Revising,

Researching and organizing data

·  Grammar tips and tricks

·  Writing drafts

·  Proofreading

III.  Library Session & Business Ethics,


·  Privacy

·  Plagiarism

IV.  E-mails, Memos, Routine Letters,

·         Internal/External Communication

·         Improving Readability


V.  Persuasive Writing,

·         Online sales letters

·          Persuasive claims and complaints

VI.  Bad News,

·         Strategies for breaking bad news

·         Resolving business problems

·         Direct or indirect?

VII.  Giving Oral Presentations,

·         Organizing content

·         Engaging the audience


VIII.  Giving Oral Presentations (cont.) Summaries,

·         Planning visual aids

·         Audience rapport

IX.  Formal/Informal Reports,

·         Functions of reports

·         Guidelines

·         Six types of reports                                                                                                                    

X.  Proposals,

·         Researching

·         Generating

·         Documenting and illustrating data


XI.  Meetings,

·         Planning and participating in meetings

·         Productivity

·         Group Presentations

XII.  Dealing with the Public and Media, and Interviews for Employment,

·         Effective interview techniques

·         Answering questions

XIII.  Review, Course Evaluation, and Interviews


Guffey, Mary Ellen. (2009) Essentials of Business Communication (6th Canadian Edition). Toronto, Ontario: Nelson. You will need a set of headphones that connect to the computers in class.