Teacher: Mrs. Merlita Delgado

Course Schedule: 

I.  Introduction to class Effective teaching

a.  Methods of Teaching 

 b.    Discuss educational change with focus on block scheduling Assignment

c.  Learning to Teach 

II.  Demonstration /Presentation Teaching model 

a.  have idea for presentation of lesson

b.  Formative and Summative assessment Assignment

c.   Bring videotape for taping of presentation lesson / Teach presentation lesson 

III.  Videotaping of presentation of lessons in small groups with discussion following and each lesson using peer evaluation guide 

a.  Written lesson plan, graphic organizer, and videotape reflection 

IV.  Demonstration of direct instruction lesson 

a.  Have idea for direct instruction lesson

b. Subject discussion of groups on direct instruction /lesson ideas 

c.  Teach direct instruction lesson 

V.  Videotaping of direct instruction lessons with discussion following each lesson and using peer evaluation guide

a.  Demonstration of concept attainment lesson Discussion of inductive and deductive teaching Discussion of concepts management readings